Boats Renew and Refitting

Refit & Repair

Manual skill, precision and experience: Boat Service Trapani guarantees all this, with its Refit & Repair service, dedicated to anyone wishing to renew the appearance of his or her boat.

Boat owners know all too well how much a vessel is subject to deterioration in all of its aspects and, therefore, understand the importance of regular maintenance, especially at the end of the summer.

At our construction sites, qualified workers skillfully and accurately perform repairs and adjustments on every kind of vessel: from painting to replacing the upholstery, to the improvement of systems, internal installations and mod cons, including customized projects according to our clients’ needs.

Because taking care of your boat with the necessary aesthetic and functional improvements, not only preserves it for a long time, but also allows you to maintain its value.

  • Wood and steel repairs
  • Fiberglass repairs
  • Iron and aluminum repairs
  • Anti-osmosis treatments
  • Boat Painting
  • Sails
  • The Drepanum shipyard - Boat Service Trapani