The “Il Mare di Tutti” (Everybody’s sea) Project

The Drepanum Shipyard (Boat Service Trapani) supports the project for the construction of a ship where disability does not exist and where everything is possible. This is the noble aim of the Sant’Erasmo Nautilus Onlus Association in Palermo, which is the promoter of the “Il Mare di Tutti” project.

What does the project entail?

The project is a fundraiser aimed at building a boat for the disabled, on which to start a socialization, participation and integration program through new marine nature excursions. This would allow the breaking down of barriers for the physically or mentally handicapped, initiating a process of identity building.

This boat would therefore become a hub for meeting and development, a relational and social tool at the service of the disabled. A space for interaction and discussion, a training ground in which to overcome all kinds of obstacles.

This is a project, but also a dream that we are cultivating together with the association that promotes it.

Of course, none of this can be achieved without the necessary investment: this is why we invite you to make a donation. It takes very little to feel better…or to really be better.

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