What is Boat Wrapping?

For some years, boat wrapping has become a valid way to personalize your boat without the need for painting, which often ends up being a long and difficult task. In fact, this advanced technique allows you to restyle both the external and internal parts of your boat, in a quick and easy way, without spending enormous amounts, reducing the implementation time and making the boat absolutely unique.

But what does boat wrapping consist of?

Just as for cars, it is a coating of the hull with adhesive films suitable for the nautical world and customizable, which last over time without the need for special treatments. You can wrap the boat both during its design phase and maintenance phase, or when you intend to give it a new look.

In short, it is an extremely valid option, an alternative to traditional decorative solutions based on the use of paints or enamels. A quick way to have an original boat, thanks to the great variety of colours, with the possibility of obtaining three-dimensional effects, but also to protect the hull from wear and tear over time and to renew it.


Videos and Initiatives

The “Il Mare di Tutti” (Everybody’s sea) Project

The “Il Mare di Tutti” (Everybody’s sea) Project

We support the - Il Mare di Tutti” (Everybody’s sea) project- for the construction of a boat for the disabled.